Custom Shaped Acrylic Awards: What Material Should Your Awards Be Made Of?

The outlook of anything that you present to another being, that too in an organizational event has to be presentable and must appeal to the eyes along with being eco-friendly and budget -friendly.

The awards – either be it for professional, sports or academic endeavors can also be custom shaped acrylic awards, glass awards or crystal awards making it have a personalized connect to the win. It would be anyone’s last desire to undermine the win of the person by giving them award or trophies of rather cheap material.

What Material Should Your Awards Be Made Of

What Material Should Your Awards Be Made Of?

As the wordings or the shape of the award makes a difference among the audience, the same does the material used in the making of the award or trophy. Here we stipulate various kinds of material that are used while formulation of such awards and trophies:

1.    Acrylic Awards:

Acrylic Awards are made of thermoplastic. Being most chemically diverse in the group of glass or crystal or acrylic, people seem to prefer for acrylic ones. Crystal and Glass having the same composition but technically, the acrylic overpower them when it comes to people’s demand.

Ginos Acrylic Award

Such acrylic awards can also be in the form of custom shaped as per the demand of the customer if looked in the category of custom acrylic award and can also have engraving in them as per the occasion or competition if looked in the category of engraved acrylic award.

Acrylic Awards are much more reliable and are much more persistent than that from the glass or crystal ones, with the benefit of even being recycled once when done through. 

Acrylic Awards are handy, durable and easily maintainable by also being the shining beauty that it holds within its composition.


2.    Crystal Awards:

Crystal Awards are made up with the composition of different variety of glass which has higher lead content along with refracting capability within it. With higher lead content and glass composition, makes it higher in weight and much harder as surface. Yet, it is the most sought after material for making of the trophy in the market.

The customization or engraving in the crystal awards is much deemed item in the market leading to higher cost in engraving, assembling or arranging them.

Thus, they are fragile and appeal for higher attention while handling them or in presenting them to people while you appreciate them.


3.    Glass Awards:

Ginos Glass Award

Glass Awards are made from the composition of large sheets of thick float glass that are then cut into desired shapes and sizes as per  the demand of the customer. The glass awards can be tuned into any form of patterns and designs rather than just being used in the geometrical forms and designs. 

Glass Awards can look classy or with sleek design forms referring to the ultra-modern designs of modern era along with having the name of the person or function etched into it for personalized form or customization giving it much reform look.