From Sports Teams to Corporate Awards: The Importance of Engraved Trophies

What could ever match up with the feeling of coming home with an award or a trophy with your name engraved in it. Our trophy creators work to make it look easier than it is to have your name engraved onto a premium- quality trophy. We make your experience of holding onto a personalized trophy make you feel the premium quality appreciation. 

It's no big secret that any employee would work harder, would be more productive and would engage more to the company culture when their efforts and hard work is duly and rightly appreciated. For achieving such goals many companies rely on the concept of recognition programs mostly be rewarding their employees through corporate awards. In most of the organizations the trophies are used as the employee’s rewards for corporate awards.

For making such events a big success, various organizations use multiple ways to acknowledge the hard work of its employees in facets, bestowing awards for leadership, making most sales, adhering to company values so on and so forth organizations come up with various creative idea for corporate recognition of their employees. There goes large scale in planning corporate recognition awards ceremonies.


Power of Personalization

For an organization to enjoy all the benefits of employee recognition, the awards should be significant, meaningful and thoughtful which would make the recipient feel the thoughtfulness as well leave a lasting memory upon him. Customization and personalization make its magic work the best upon the recipient in the form of custom awards for corporate events, crystal awards for corporate recognition as well as by award plaques for corporate awards.

Simply, handing out trophies to employees won’t render the appreciation you would like to reciprocate to your employee. Whereas, opting from the wide variety of customization are far and the best way to showcase your appreciation towards your employees in significant and meaningful way, making them feel inspired as well. 


Sports Trophies: More than Just a Prize

Even if it’s a member of sports team, an athlete everyone enjoys being rewarded for their win or hard work of all seasons. Your reasons for wanting to reward your sports athlete or any sportsperson, a simple silver or metal plated trophy or any crystal made standard trophy, makes no difference. Even though it signifies the same thing, but your personalization or customization on the trophy and your engraving on the trophy to make it further stand out would make the win of the athlete be cherished in a way that would fill them with pride and honour. 


Corporate Awards: Recognizing Excellence in the Workplace

The athlete or the employee that wins the award along with the trophy it receives also carries the legacy that goes along with the award. Thus, the trophy or the award received symbolizes their win, their hard work, dedication and the victory they have created for others to be aspired from.

Personalized awards and trophies for corporate awards or athletes are thus carefully and distinctively created to have their recipients feel and offer them the extra special touch as compared to generic and basic trophies or awards.


Role of Trophies in Motivating Athletes

Furthermore, to have you discover the importance of recognition awards and wide demand for engraved trophies we elaborate a little further to help it make its place widely in wish list:

1. Adds a Personal Touch

Recognition is something that many of us desire, whether be it in a corporate setting on the education front, sports or in general. We all desire to be appreciated as it enhances us to work better and achieve goals and aim more proficiently. 

For all the hard work we put in, the labor we go through, time we put in, it is all such personalized aspects that receiving a custom – made award would be the apt way to appreciate it also, receiving such awards are of utmost importance. Through the personalizing of the award or trophy, you appreciate the individual in its mightiest form. By adding, the personal touch it creates a core of sentimental value for the recipient and the extra effort you put through the award makes him value it all the more.

2. Boosts up their Morale and Confidence

It is a widely known and acknowledged concept that any form of customized or engraved form of trophy, award, or plaque creates a much deeper impact in the minds of the recipient. Be it the sportsperson who has made a century or has won the man of the match or man of the series or any major goal or for that matter achieved any set target or conquered the deal for the organization; when you personalize the award or the trophy it gives out a unique form of   boost up in his morale, increases his zeal and motivates him to work more effectively and efficiently. 

3. Completely Customizable

These forms of awards and trophies are completely and fully customizable as per the need and desire of the event, achievement, or celebration for which it is being designed. Such customizable and engravable trophies set up your demand of Anything is Possible! Be it from your customization of the shape to choosing the material or the engraving or the font to be used you can select or deselect any step at any point. 

4. Cost Effective

Personalized trophies or awards can be a cost-effective endeavour. With the fact that you can get engraved anything as per your personalization need or desire makes it way for cost effective rather than any other form of reward. You can avail the facility of customizing your trophy at any step till the final result and make it a special and unique award, making it a perfect choice for any such corporate awards.