The Power of Custom Corporate Trophies: Making a Lasting Impression

Recognition and Appreciation is often cited as one of the most important and crucial contributing factors in the lives of an employee as well as the building agent for the organization. As recognition whether be it intra level or inter level helps boost the confidence, appreciates the hard work and dedication that an employee puts in achieving organizational goals.

Personalized Corporate Awards and Trophies are said to be one of the most recognizable and renowned symbols of success. Such Employee Recognition Ideas when used by an organization are said to be the best way for acknowledging and appreciating the efforts and achievements made by the employees and can motivate them to retain the creativity and boost up their future performances in a much better and appreciative way.

The Power of Custom Corporate Trophies

What are Custom Corporate Trophies?

Personalized Corporate Awards or Custom Trophies are one of the most unique yet widely used way of assessing one’s success in their field of work. Imagine a winner holding up a trophy basking in that moment of glory with a custom trophy which is customized especially and personally for his appreciation and to recognize his hard work and dedication and efforts. This is there moment to shine out and this would be the moment every media house would love to capture. Anything that is made creatively and uniquely for a specific individual would derive more attention and happiness rather than anything which is commonly used for everyone working in that field. Through custom trophies or personalized corporate award or personalized plaques we can bring about a wide range of material in usage so that it makes every trophy or every award has its own shine.

Whether you choose from the wide range of wood, marble, glass, acrylic, metal or stone that would embody your organizations brand and name on it making it have a brand naming of its own through such employee service awards functions. Whether you choose from the range of engraved crystal awards or the glass awards or be it the acrylic awards and personalized plaques we give you the best choice and the best quality so that your appreciation reaches with perfect outlay to your employee and he has his perfect moment to shine out.

The Benefits of Custom Corporate Trophies

There are various benefits that a custom corporate trophy could present you with, and here are some of them enlisted below: 

1.    Building Brand Awareness:

Presenting custom corporate trophies to employees who have helped you in achieving the organizational goals effectively and efficiently helps in encouraging them and in boosting their morale at a much wider level and aspect and through having such employee service awards you create a brand awareness for your organization among all your competitors. When you opt out for a customized trophy or award along with your brand name and logo imprinted upon it, it makes out an impression of its own in the eyes of the viewers as well as in the eyes of the receiver.

2.    Creating a Lasting Impression:

When you present any employee with a personalized corporate award or any custom trophies it all certainly helps them being inspired for a much larger goal to be attained and creates an atmosphere of healthy competition among the employees creating a lasting impression in the eyes of every employee that works for the organization and everyone would then work hard as twice to achieve such an honour and appreciation by the organizations for the hours of work, they put in. 

3.    Motivating Employees:

Motivating employees is the prime facet for the usage of such personalized corporate awards. Such Employee Service Awards and such Employee Recognition Ideas when used by an organization makes their employee have an atmosphere of healthy competition and motivates them to enrich their skills in various facets and areas that could further yield higher and greater results for the organization as a whole. 

4.    Improving Customer Relations:

You also tend to improve you customer relations with your customers and with people who are your yearly investors as when you would reward them with such customized awards it would make them feel their importance and value along with their valuable contribution in making your organization reach their heights and epitome of growth and would present them with their contribution to the organization implicitly. 

Designing Custom Corporate Trophies

Whether you would want to opt from the traditional outlook or from the never ending minimalistic yet modern outlook in terms of design, as per the demand of your events, competitions or be it the events of the entertainment industry we got you covered for any or every type of event with the best material and creativity to be handed over to the winner. Our wide range specifies in three areas:

1.    Material:

Whether you would want to opt from the wide yet classy crystal material or you would like to opt from the never fading and everlasting acrylic or the sturdy glass we have it all and could create the best plaque or the customized and personalized corporate award or trophy for the best suited organizational event or facilitating event. 

2.    Shape and Size:

We create designs for custom trophies and personalized corporate awards as per the event or as per the requirement or the demand of the customer. Customer’s wish is our demand! We present you with all use branded trophies to hand out to the winners as they remain the epitome and highlight of the event. Whether be it for the sports or be it for the organizational heads or be it for the creative pulse of any organization we dwell into making your trophy the best reward your receiver could always have. 

3.    Engraving:

From the pinch of your brand name to the brand logo, from the personalized notion for which the facilitation is to be done to the name of the receiver, we have your customization at every process and at every inch. Whether you opt for the engraved crystal awards, or the personalized plaques whether you choose from our range of acrylic awards or from the glass awards we got our engravings in various fonts and ranges best suited for your material accordingly. 


The designing or personalizing of any sort in any form of award helps in widely creating a lasting impression in the eyes of the audience as well as the receiver. Along with enhancing the public relations of the organization at all levels to bringing harmony and prosperity in the organization it helps in varied aspects just by giving some effort and time to the reward you offer your employee with.


Q: What occasions are custom corporate trophies suitable for?

Custom Corporate Trophies are aptly used for events ranging from basketball tournaments to organizational events to any sports events or be it the creative industry awards. By facilitating the winners from such personalized corporate awards or the custom trophies with variety of engravings or customization techniques you portray the personalization and time you have put in to make him feel special for the reward he has won and make him bask in the glory of the moment.

Q: What materials can custom corporate trophies be made from?

We can use from the wide range and variety of sturdy glass to classy and royal looking crystal award, from never fading and everlasting range of acrylic to handy and hyped plaques. We can customize your requirement into any of such material and make your handout be the best of the choice you could make at much affordable rates.