Unique Crystal Awards Design Ideas to Represent Your Brands

Corporate Awards ceremonies are a thing that every employee in every organization look forward for. Nowadays, awards and trophies majorly made up of acrylic form are used for such gifting. Such unique form of gifting and awarding are appreciated all over in the range of organizations. The top performers of the company are therefore, awarded and appreciated by the bosses through plaques and awards.

The organizations or company select up a certain form be it in the form of star, flame or plaques to certify the achievement made by the employees of the company. 

custom acrylic awards ideas


There is also the possibility of Custom Shapes such as the logo of the company or organization for Custom Acrylic Awards. The acrylic form of awards are so widely used in promotional events or awards ceremony of the company’s as they offer clarity as well as stiffness   and outstanding lookout to the awards. Any award is very personal to the person who receives it i.e. the employee as well as it works in enhancement of brand for the company too.

A good custom acrylic awards or plaques is much more than just purchasing and presenting it to the winner. Below lays down some points that makes up for unique design ideas to represent your brands:-


1. Personalized Engraving:

custom shaped acrylic award - Personalized Engraving

Being a small or big company isn’t a bigger question, but a company while giving an plaque, custom shaped acrylic award or trophy to a winner must ensure that their name is mentioned along with their achievement and the year it is being presented in. Such mentions do not just recognize them overall but also appreciates their efforts individually over the others.

Customization should be done keeping in mind the spelling or the names correctly or otherwise it would spoil it all over.


2. Presentation:

presentation for the awards

Presenting the acrylic awards plaques or custom shaped acrylic awards is all of the way it is presented to the winner. Be it the award for any sport ceremony or for honourable services we can always work on its material and its customization and the way it is presented over the material making it flashy or appealing to the eyes of the winner. Any award is indirectly a positive affirmation to the winner that there hard work has been recognized and have been much widely appreciated. 

Every event has a unique way of its presentation for the awards. For Sports Ceremonies it includes their rankings and sports ceremony that has been upheld. For Company Events it has an embodiment of name, logo of the company and motivational quote to attract the eyes.


3. Customization:

Custom Acrylic Awards

The customization of any plaque or an award depends hugely on the basis of the event and ceremony that is to be celebrated. We can always show the recipient by customizing the plaque or the award that we care for his services. Any Plaques and Awards store near you that has the awards or plaques can be used for the customization or personalizing of such trophies. These awards or plaques would be hanging or standing on the mental pieces of someone’s home or desk so make sure they stand out from the crowd and make them feel special.


Moreover, the Custom Acrylic Awards are made by the organizations or company choice. They select up a certain form be it in the form of star, flame or plaques to certify the achievement made by the employees of the company.